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$UICIDEBOY$, Denzel Curry, City Morgue, Germ, Shakewell, & Trash Talk at The Agora

Updated: May 18, 2021

The $UICIDEBOY$, Denzel Curry, City Morgue, Germ, Shakewell, & Trash Talk performed a packed show at The Agora in Cleveland, Ohio.

Trash Talk, a hardcore outfit from LA, is by far the fucking craziest opener I have ever seen! The lead singer was all over the venue: on the rails, in the pit, and in the bleachers. The crowd was moshing and circle pitting to every song. Definitely lookout for this band’s next stop.

Shakewell, rapper from California, had everyone singing along and participating at the Agora. As he holds the stage on his own, he has a commanding force getting the crowd hyped.

Germ, rapper from ATL, was super energetic on the stage and kept the crowd alive with some bangers.

City Morgue, a rap duo from NYC, had a killer set while politely asking the crowd to pick each other up as they moshed. They kept the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs with their infectious verses and chants.

Denzel Curry, rapper from Florida, had the crowd going crazy non-stop throughout his set. Curry performed hits like Ricky from his recent record Zuu and the song that put him on blast Ultimate. Curry’s most memorable moment from tonight’s show will definitely be him picking up bra that was thrown on to the stage.

$uicide Boy$, a rap duo from NOLA, came out heavy to close out the night. They had the crowd rocking during the beginning of their set performing some tracks from their I Want To Die In New Orleans record.

Article and Photography by Jamal Lawson


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