About The Jam Company

What We Do
The Jam Company is a music media & entertainment company, currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that produces concert photography, interviews, livestream concerts, and album reviews for musicians and music explorers.

Our Focus
The Jam Company primarily covers new and upcoming musicians and sharing music industry insights.

What's up with the fruit?
There are four different “flavors” that combines to make the entire brand of Jam by displaying an individual’s uniqueness. Throughout the year, the aesthetic of The Jam Company changes to each respective season:

Spring = Blueberry 🔵 | Summer = Peach 🍑
Fall = Strawberry 🍓 | Winter = Grape 🍇

These flavors are the personification of the internal and external changes that The Jam Company goes through; whether it is our interests, professional/personal growth, loss, happiness, and our stories. As The Jam Company will continue to make positive improvements, we hope that you will too through our interconnected journey.


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