Meet Our Contributors

Say hello to the contributors for The Jam Company that are covering other local scenes.

I'm Hadley, a twenty-year-old fashion design student at Kent State from Grand Rapids, Michigan. With my roots in drawing and painting, I have been enjoying photography as another creative escape for three years now. When I'm not in school or making art, I can definitely be found at a concert dancing and singing at the top of my lungs. I'm very excited to combine two of my passions in my contribution to The Jam Company! Visit Hadley's Instagram for her photography.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gabrielle came to New York for school where she attended and graduated from St. John's University. Her interest in photography began in her early teenage years but, she has been practicing photography and videography professionally for close to 6 years. In addition to following her passion for being behind the camera, she is currently obtaining a Masters degree. Her professional career began working as apart of the media division of her Alma Mater. Taking advantage of any opportunity to grow and refine her craft, she has worked with several Music Festivals as well as with both, International Corporations and Organizations. She has become right at-home working in the pit for more than 3 dozen music artists in both Los Angeles and New York. At only 23, she has set and accomplished a lot of goals and continues to reach for new heights, constantly learning and growing with every interaction. Visit Gabrielle's portfolio & follow her on Instagram.

Hello, my name is Jamal Lawson, owner of The Jam Company. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. From moshing in the pit to taking pictures of rockstars, I have always loved being in the action of concerts and DIY house shows. I have also been an active listener my whole life through paraphrasing, repeating, probing, and clarifying in conversations.
Through combining my passion for the Arts and my listening skills, I have decided to create The Jam Company to share the curiosity of understanding the background of others. I am currently covering the Akron/Cleveland arts scene. I am an alumni of Salem State University with a Master of Education in Higher Education in Student Affairs. I also received my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Aurora University.

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