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Hello, my name is Jamal Lawson, owner of The Jam Company. I am a photographer and videographer that specializes in concert photography, interviews, and livestream concert productions. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and I had the greatest experience of exploring the DIY (do-it-yourself) music scene in the city. The DIY music community in Chicago is driven by creating spaces for people from all walks of life and encouraging them to share the art they create to whomever is willing to listen. I have seen firsthand that even though you carry a certain talent, you can still receive appreciation in a community you make for yourself without having to be famous.

Through combining my passion for the arts and my listening skills, I have decided to create The Jam Company to share the curiosity of understanding the background of others. I am currently covering the Las Vegas arts scene. I am an alumni of Salem State University with a Master of Education in Higher Education in Student Affairs. I also received my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Aurora University. Click here to check out my portfolio.

 meet Jamal  

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