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Slow Crush, Grivo, & Niights | Mahall's

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Slow Crush, Grivo, & Niights performs at Mahall's in Cleveland, OH

"Belgium's Slow Crush is one of those bands. The guitars alternate from gritty fuzz to molten reverb creating a thick atmosphere. The drums switch tempos on a dime, going from breakneck rock and roll to plodding doom in the course of a few bars. And over the dense, heavy haze is Isa Holliday's soaring alto—which is naturally coated in echo." -

"Channeling the pummeling heat of Texas into slow, dreamy textures, Grivo strike a chord that strikes true for fans of Catherine Wheel, Alcest, Lycia, and those continually searching for fresh waves of mournful atmosphere. The three piece band consists of brothers and lifelong musical partners Timothy and Matthew Heck (vocals/guitar and drums, respectfully) and bassist Ricardo Tejeda, and it’s impressive to consider that such a warm, full spectrum can be achieved by three musicians, a true testament to Grivo’s sonic mastery." -

"NIIGHTS shift seamlessly between shimmery dream-pop and heavier melodic rock. Ethereal female vocals whispering poignant lyrics float above fuzz and layers of texture wrapped around artfully crafted dynamic songwriting, channeling the spirit of 90's shoegaze with an enchantingly fresh spin." - NIIGHTS

Photography by Jamal Lawson

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