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Code Orange Shreds Concert in Vegas

Code Orange make their tour stop in Las Vegas, Nevada performing at 24 Oxford with Loathe (UK), Vended (Des Moines, Iowa), & Dying Wish (Portland, Oregon).

So I just happen to get to the show as it started and there was already chaos happening early in the night…and in the pit. The leader singer had such an incredible hold on the crowd and commanding them at willing. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Dying Wish is a 5-piece hardcore outfit that is more than capable of leashing out crushing riffs and outrageous breakdowns.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Vended is also a 5-piece band that not only brought that Midwest rage with them, but also raw stage presence. They are definitely one of those bands that are bringing back those crushing guitar solos that made the whole crowd headbang.

Based in the UK, Loathe is a 4-piece band that has so much dynamic range in their arsenal. I had a chat with a fan there and they perfectly described their sound from influences like Deftones to Converge, they have a blistering yet beautiful sound.

Coming off their Coachella appearance, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania outfit sees no barriers to what they can achieve. The last time I saw them perform live was in a garage in Chicago back in 2013 and now they boaster a high quality audio/visual show. The crowd pretty much went crazy on every song they performed, so it was no surprise that their showmanship is unmatched.

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