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Brasko, Diamond Kites, & LVRBOY | Musica

Brasko, Diamond Kites, & LVRBOY performs at Musica in Akron, OH

"Some of you may not have heard of up and coming artist Brasko, but we're here to fix that. We like to describe his music as androgynous, sexy pop with "Thriller" feels that is perfect for a Friday the 13th release (my, my, isn't that a coincidence). Ultimately, once he easily wins you over, he hopes his songs will be the background music to your next night out dancing, falling for someone special, and perhaps even making love." (Do615, 2019)

"Beginning as the evolution of Jeff Klemm & the Letters, transformed into so much more. Diamond Kites is the new project from prolific songwriter Jeff Klemm (of Maid Myriad) and nationally renowned producer/engineer Nathan Doutt (ex Tweaktronic.) Adding touring road-dog bassist Mario Tonathy (Maid Myriad) and powerhouse drummer Mike Karl brings a whole new element of focused songwriting and immersive performance experience." (Diamond Kites, 2019)

"Until now, an artist’s name hasn’t typically given any insight into the type of music they release. Similar to how a book couldn’t be judged by it’s cover, a band couldn’t be judged by their name. But a new name to the scene, LVRBOY, is a self-proclaimed “Sad-Boy” who is using his name to completely represent who he is, and the themes within his music. The Nashville based singer/songwriter wants to make sure that when people see the name LVRBOY, they know exactly what they’re getting. “I want people to be like ‘I know this is going to be a sad song, look at his name.’ or ‘I know this is going to be a song about love, look at his name,’” he tells heirwaves." (Heirwaves, 2019)

Photography by Jamal Lawson

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