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Peachcurls Reminisces Over Old Music, Childhood, & Sweden Residency + More

Updated: May 8, 2020

Peachcurls reminisces over the playing with his former band, talks about his first mixtape, growing up in his Grandma's house, and his time in Sweden.

"I'm Peachcurls from Cleveland, OH. It's Eastside. I make music off the MacBook Pro. I started in 2009 as Kipp Stone’s tracking and mix engineer. Out of frustration and brokeness, I taught myself how to make beats. Shortly after, I began writing and producing my own work. I founded the band Thaddeus Anna Greene in 2011 and that’s were I honed all my arranging and composing skills. Today, I’m a solo artist and I make music that blends the elements of my diverse background. I’m also tryna get some TV and comedy bags. I starred in & co-wrote the cartoon ‘Daytime Noir’ with Jeron Braxton (animator/director/show creator) and Jay Ellis (actor/writer/producer). Again, all straight off the laptops. Speaking of technology, I wanna give a big shoutout to computers for making all this possible." - Peachcurls

Follow & Listen to Peachcurls: Website, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, & Instagram

Music by: Josiah Douglas & Allante Akins

Do not use any of the images/video without prior permission. Contact for license usage.

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