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Harm's Way Interview: Burgers, Metallica, Lyrics, Sneezing, Gambling, & Kangaroos

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I sat down with Chris Mills (Drums), Bo Lueders (Guitar), James Pligge (Vocals), Nick Gauthier (Guitar), and Casey Soyk (Bass) from Harm’s Way, the hardcore-metal band hailing from the Chicago. We talked about having their own burgers named after them at the infamous Kuma’s Corner, revealing some of their personal secrets that might have turned into a “therapy session”, James's gambling addiction & sneezing, favorite Metallica tracks, seeing kangaroos, a beautiful reason why they dressed as KISS during a Halloween set, and so much more.

"Harm’s Way grew out of Chicago’s dynamic hardcore community in the mid-00s, gradually delving deep into metallic terrain with an icy, industrialized aggression that nodded at bands like Godflesh and Celtic Frost while still bearing the stamp of its roots. After a number of releases, including the pulverizing Isolation LP on Closed Casket Activities in 2011, the four-piece signed to Deathwish where it unleashed the Blinded EP in 2013, further cementing its reputation as a heavy band on the rise." - Vice, 2015

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Music by: Josiah Douglas & Allante Akins

Filming Location: The Foundry Concert Club (Cleveland, OH)

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