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Gretchen Pleuss Discusses Being Vulnerable, Managing Emotions, and Signing with Sun Pedal Recordings

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

"Ohio native Gretchen Pleuss, is an up-and-coming songwriter with a seasoned sound. Gretchen has been featured on various public radio stations, including the Akron Summit. She recently won the Searchlight Songwriting Competition for her song 'Foreign Car' and was interviewed for the In Search of a Song series on Public Radio Exchange out of Bloomington, Indiana." - Sun Pedal Recordings

"As with some of her proudly stated musical heroes, which include Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Ani Difranco, Pleuss keeps the music above the standard, three-chord, coffee-house troubadour sound with some cool chord progressions (a la Mitchell) and grooves. Pleuss also trusts her lilting melodies enough to use her quiet, emotive alto to sell her lyrics." - Malcolm X Abram, The Akron Beacon Journal

Follow Gretchen on social media @gretchenpleuss and visit her website to find her music.

Filming Location: Musica (Akron, OH)


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