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Christina Sofina | Weird Voice Over Gigs, Being Multilingual, and Other Valuable Lessons

Christina Sofina shares her experiences of doing weird voice over gigs, coming from Kazakhstan and Russia and being multilingual, and other valuable lessons she has learned navigating the music, modeling, and dance industries.

"Christina Sofina is a multilingual R&B/pop singer of Russian descent residing in Los Angeles. She started her professional career in 2007, participated in MTV Russia's pop project Yes!No!Maybe!, declined a contract with GALA records (Universal Russia), performed for Radio Montecarlo, Glamour, Cyprus DeLuxe Business Awards, SOHO rooms, Volvo Fashion Week, Italian Council, San Ysidro Education Vanguard Foundation, Red Bull Basketball Tournament and many other prestigious venues throughout the world." - Christina Sofina

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Music by: Josiah Douglas & Allante Akins

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