Chan Fuze Collabs w/ Shure, Acting in the Sounds of Music, Kicked Out of Six Flags, and Water-Skiing

Chan Fuze w/ Caleb Harris & Tommy Veronesi discusses their collaboration with Shure at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, playing on Chicago's WGN 9 TV channel, their upcoming show at SXSW, acting in the Sounds of Music play, getting kicked out of Six Flags, and water-skiing in Wisconsin.

"Chan Fuze is a Funk/Pop artist in the Chicago music scene performing genre bending ear candy. His influences include artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire and Green Velvet. Chan’s take on modern Pop/Funk music is fresh and exciting for the listener to explore this artists journey to the top." - Chan Fuze

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Music by: Josiah Douglas & Allante Akins

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