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Angelina Moneir Explains Fungi Species, Glassblowing, and Connecting Nature to Art

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Angelina Moneir discusses the species of fungi, her start in glassblowing, and the interconnection of nature and art.

"Hello! I’m Angelina. Glassblowing, ceramics, watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, stickers, you name it - kind of artist, designer, hiker, backpacker, and outdoor environmental educator. What inspires me most is the natural world around us and it’s vast intensity. But my favorites are what usually get passed over - - tree fungus - with it’s parasitical yet regrowing nature, moss, the bugs that live in their tiny homes all around the forest, lichen, and dew drops that glisten on spiderwebs. In my spare time I hike and walk any and everywhere I can, stay active, watch movies, spend time with the ones I love, and photograph the beauty and inspiration that surrounds me. My life is about bringing awareness to the little things and how it brings joy and happiness to us, sometimes unnoticed! I took a several years away from constant art making to travel, educate, and create leaders in team building - teaching survival skills with outdoor education - I decided I needed to keep my passion for all things art afloat. I work at home, designing each piece of art, by painting, hand lettering, sculpting, etc. They are each handmade, with some being digitally reproduced because ya know - sometimes, time just isn’t there. Whenever an idea comes to mind, I take note or create it right away. I love customizing pretty much anything for anyone interested in a commission style painting, greeting card, print, etc. Just ask and I will probably do it! When others look at my art, I want them to feel a sense of connection to the earth, a connection that seems to be lost with the hustle and bustle, back and forth, that we go through every single day. Maybe a reminder to help us slow down - take a break and be aware of your surroundings. Head outside, in the woods - or even in your backyard, sit in the grass or in the trees and discover the world that is around us even when we are unaware. Follow me on Instagram for exclusive commissions, to see new cards, how I make them and some of my adventures I embark on!" - Angelina Moneir

View Angelina's artwork on Facebook & Instagram: @asongforamelody

Buy Angelina's artwork on her Etsy page:


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