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Ajani Jones Gives Free Snacks at Concerts, Neo-Soul Hip Hop, Anime, and Hate for Coleslaw

Ajani Jones shares why he gives out free snacks at his concerts, potentially coining the term "Neo-Soul Hip Hop", watching Anime, and his hate for coleslaw.

"Ajani Jones is an emcee from Chicago's Southside. Displaced as a youth his mother and him moved throughout the Southside almost once a year for a large part of his childhood. During this period Jones listened to Hip-Hop & Neo/Soul as a refuge as well as an outlet. Inspired eventually by artists such as Kid Cudi, Jones picked up the pen to rap, as well as to join his high school poetry team. Inspired by Cudi he realized music could be used as a tool to save the youth and let people know they aren't alone in their personal battles. Once high school ended Jones attended college at the University of Iowa for two years. After enduring constant racial profiling from the police & general prejudice he left college behind and returned home to Chicago to pursue his life's passion in music so that he could have his voice be heard. He enrolled at Columbia College in Chicago while living at his mother's house for a year as he honed his writing and voice while collaborating with his peers in the Chicago scene. With a razor-sharp wit and tight delivery his raps are a mix of inward facing introspection about one's own ability to be great as well as groundbreaking flows over contemporary beats that push Hip-Hop's sonic envelope." - Ajani Jones

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Music by: Josiah Douglas & Allante Akins

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