Reaching Out

Updated: May 30, 2020

After growing up on the Southside of Chicago/growing up in a majority Black community, I have grown to understand that those that have some sort of power or influence over others like to hoard resources, knowledge, and information. In most cases, they are charged to uphold an infrastructure that have arbitrary or outdated standards or requirements that are barriers of entry. This is especially true when spaces don’t have many Black/Brown faces in them to have a voice in the operation of said infrastructures, as it can be seen as an "invasion" of their space or they just don’t know any Black/Brown folks to put in those spaces.

I am trying my best to impart the knowledge, information, and experiences that I learned to those that don’t have much access, particularly dealing with photography or the music industry, but other general things too. All I am saying is I am going to try to share more of my experiences and the resources/knowledge/connections that I have and I hope that it could potentially be beneficial for the next person to use. I am doing a lot of writing and research and I hope it can be of some help. I just want to do my part in helping good people, people with good intentions, and those trying to create new opportunities for themselves.

Article and Photography by Jamal Lawson


Do not use any of the images without prior permission. The images on the website are not the high resolution files. Please contact for usage and access to the high resolution files.

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